Best Robotic Mower to Buy On a Tight Budget

by Charles | Last Updated: March 22, 2017

Imagine a diligent handyman who always cuts your lawn on time and never tires no matter how the hot the sun might be. You won’t have to pay this super worker on a weekly basis and won’t have to worry how many hours it takes to trim your front yard and the backyard. Imagine owning a robotic mower.

While this idea would excite every other homeowner who knows the pain of pushing a mower under the hot summer sun or how hard it is to remember hiring someone to trim the lawn, very few people are willing to spend over $3500 to get premium robotic lawn mowers.

The good news is you can still get a great automated mower when on a tight budget. Yes, you might have to forfeit impressive zoning features, wi-fi control and tight GPS control but the budget robotic mower will still be good enough.

A Budget Automated Mower is Better Than No Robotic Mower

A budget lawnmower will still let you clip your grass from the comfort of your seat. It might not be as intelligent and as efficient as the high end LawnBott LB300EL or the latest Husqvarna AutoMower but it will still be a great convenience compared to a riding or pushing lawn mower.

You will get to enjoy most of the automated lawn mowing benefits and won’t have to spend a fortune to earn this.

Yes, you might have to check on your mower more often, it might have a battery life that isn’t the best, you might have to set up a wired perimeter or have to carry it indoors for charging but it will still cut your some slack, saving you time you can invest in other more important things in life.

Top 4 Budget Robotic Mowers You Should Consider

Budget Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Low Quality

Most people associate cheap with bad quality. This is partially true since are some cheap but disappointing robotic mowers out there. All you have to do to steer clear of such mediocrity is to make clever tradeoffs and only compromise on what you can live with.

A good cheap automatic mower will put the safety of your family first. It won’t have any known bugs or endanger your family in any way

How To Make Clever TradeOffs When Buying a Budget Robotic Lawn Mower

In this section, I am going to share a couple of tips and tricks on how you can get an impressive automatic mower on a tight budget. We are going to explore a couple of options ranging from buying an old model of the robotic mower to banking on not so famous brand names to cut down on costs.

Get the Budget Line Mower of a Reputable Brand

Every manufacturer will always have a mower target the middle to low budget buyers. It will be a toned down version of the current flagship robotic mower but it will still feature the same reliability, warranties, and basic features.

Think of it as buying a 32GB iPhone 6 instead of the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. You’ll still get the same quality assurance and customer support only that you will be missing some advanced features.

Go for Old Flagship Models

This is my personal favorite. Old robotic mower models tend to drop in price the moment the manufacturer releases a new model. Going for a new mower that is part of a old production series is a great way to cut down on costs especially if you don’t really need the extra features on the newest model.

If you are lucky to get a new mower using this trick, you can still claim your warranty and benefit from the solid performance of a former flagship robotic mower model.

Get a Second Hand Mower

If you still want to cut down on cost, you can opt to get a refurbished or serviceable second-hand robotic mower. This is only a great idea if you are buying a premium feature mower. You can get your second-hand mower on Amazon or eBay.

Before buying a second-hand robotic mower, be sure to go through a second-hand purchase guide to prepare yourself for the eventualities. You can never tell why the owner is selling the mower and what kind of spare parts or accessories you will have to buy in the next few days to keep it working as good as new.

Compromise on Mower Size or Mowing Capabilities

If you went through my introduction to robotic lawn mowers, you might have noticed how much I emphasized on mowing radius and grass trim capabilities.

Some mowers will not handle anything bigger than 5000 square feet or grass that is taller than 6 centimeters.

The mowing area should be a problem if you a thinking of a multi-zone enabled mower. However, if your yard is around 3000 square feet, they is no need to spend extra bucks buying something big enough to chew down a 1000 square feet yard in a few hours.

Moreover, if you like your grass clipped really short, you can go for a smaller robotic mower that will have no trouble trimming short grass.

Don’t Get Multi-Zone Mowing If You Don’t Need It

Multi zone mowing is just but an example of the extra features you can ignore unless you really need them. If you own a single lawn with no obstacles or a driveway to cross, it would be pointless to get a multi zone mower since there aren’t any zones to mow.

Go for the bare features that will actually come in handy when mowing your property. Sometimes, a simple mower that users only a couple of on board sensors and a remote control override might be enough if you have a simple and fenced backyard.

Still feel that budget is coming between you and the ultimate robotic lawn mower? Well. I wouldn’t blame you. I fully understand your desire to get the very best. That is why I have another guide on the best quality robotic mower available on the market right now for you.