Husqvarna Robotic Mower Review

by Charles | Last Updated: April 4, 2017

Autonomous lawn mowers are a promise of a stress-free life where you no longer have worry about spending a weekend afternoon slaving under the hot sun to keep your lawn in check. It is the excellent way to get some extra hours that you could invest in your family or in coming up with innovative ideas. This Husqvarna robotic mower review will go through the top mowers on sale from Husqvarna and help you choose the perfect automated mower for your lawn.

Why Husqvarna Lawn Mowers?

Husqvarna is currently the best selling robotic mower on the market thanks to its impressive Automower line. The consistent high precision mowing you get from each automated lawn mower from Husqvarna guarantees you of a neat and impressive lawn as long as the sun shines.

husqvarna robotic mower reviews

Reputation is top on the list. Each Husqvarna robotic mower is designed to meet and uphold the stringent quality levels that have earned Husqvarna its brand reputation.

Husqvarna is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products and its catalog cuts across the table, from chainsaws to regular lawn mowers and mowers that are fit for either small scale residential use of for large scale deployment on a bigger park, golf course or retreat mowing.

Impressive Cutting Results

All Husqvarna robotic mowers employ high-tech features to keep the cut even despite the height of the grass, obstacles, the slope or terrain. The robotic mowers use a set of perimeter wires and onboard sensors to maneuver around obstacles in your lawn or migrate from one zone to another to complete the mowing.

The Automower razor sharp blade system cuts the grass gently from both directions hence minimizing trauma on the grass and keeping the lawn’s health at its best. This couples with the improved stability, a free movement pattern and maneuvering to clip your grass to that attractive even trim we all dream of.

Very Low Noise Levels

While most of the high-end robotic lawn mowers will still go about their business silently, Husqvarna has perfected the art of silence thanks to its super-efficient electric motors and high-efficiency mower blade. All you get is an almost negligible whack of the blade on the grass, a sound you wouldn’t notice unless you are focusing on it.

The measured noise levels will range from 57 dB on the Automower 315 to 75 dB in the bigger and more powerful Automower 450X.

Practical Scheduling and Remote Management Options

The whole idea behind having an autonomous lawn mower is to give it bundled or serialized instructions from wherever you might be. This can’t be any easier than what the Automower Connect smartphone mobile app gives you.

The Automower Connect app uses GPS and other perimeter wire configurations to pinpoint the exact location of the mower whenever you want. Better still, you can issue ‘Start,’ ‘STOP,’ or ‘Park’ instructions from anywhere in the globe as long as the mower is connected to the internet. This app gives you instant control or lets you set up a mowing schedule and let the robotic lawn mower handle everything for you.

The app is available on the Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android devices.

World Class Safety Features

An anti-theft system and built-in safety features are all you need to keep this tiny robot in check. The first line of defense is the smartphone app that gives you the power to shut down the Automower whenever you please.

An installation lock ensures that only the right person accesses and uses the mower while the lift and tilt sensor will shut down the blade when the mower topples hence preventing any further damage from the spinning razor sharp blades.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Setting up the mower is simple as long as you can lay down the perimeter wire and set up the charging dock. The simple and user-friendly system makes the Husqvarna one of the best systems in the market.

The Customer Reviews are Appealing

Husqvarna gets amazing reviews on popular shopping platforms like Amazon. The customer reviews are proof that you are buying into a brand that has served many well and would not let you down any time soon.

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews at a Glance

Automower 315

husqvarna automower 315

This innovative 4-wheel robotic mower is appropriate for complex areas and is suitable for areas up to 16,000 sqft big. Since the Automower 315 can adapt to inclines of up to 40 percent, the system is appropriate for landscaped or uneven lawns that will have it move from one place to another.

A smart mowing technology lets the mower learn the lawn growth rate and adjust mowing so that it focuses on regions with faster growth rates. As an Automower Connect compatible robotic mower, you can control it from the smartphone app or use the onboard display and control buttons to set up a mowing schedule or plan.

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Automower 220 AC

husqvarna automower 220 AC

The Automower 220 AC gives you better capacity and can handle up to 0.5 acres. When the battery runs out of juice, the mower will automatically go back to the charging station to refuel before resuming the job. Once again, this Husqvarna Automower uses consistent mowing your lawn pristine no matter how complex it might be.

You will get all the standard safety and sensor features, all of which you can interact with using the 19 buttons and an ample LCD display showing the settings menu.

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Automower 430X

husqvarna automower 430x

The 430X is the first robotic mower from Husqvarna to feature GPS mowing that makes it the perfect tool for more complex areas. With a mowing capacity of up to 0.8 acre, the Automower 430X is the perfect tool for large and intricately design lawns. The Automower Connect compatibility means that you can still impose your will over the autonomous mower remotely using the mobile phone up.

The mower can handle up to 45 percent inclines and also adapts to lawn growth rate before activating spot mowing to intelligently keep the grass length in check without consuming too much power mowing tamed parts of the lawn.

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Automower 450X

husqvarna automower 450x

The Automower 450X is among the best automatic mowers in the market. As the very best from Husqvarna, you can count on it to deliver impressive service to even the largest lawns. It’s mowing capabilities stretch to cover 1.25 acres and its high-tech navigation system makes it work in 45 percent slopes

You will have seamless control over the Automower Connect app and a huge number of elite robotic mower features make the Automower 450X one of the most desirable mowers in the market. It would be a great investment if you are looking for the most intelligent mower and you have a sizeable lawn.

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How to Install the Husqvarna Automower

Installing the Husqvarna lawn mowers is simple. All you have to do is set up the charging dock, take care of the perimeter wire and you are good to go. In most cases, it would be wise to let your vendor install the perimeter wire since it has to be laid an inch or two underground.

Your mower package will consist of the robotic mower of your choice, a charging station, and the boundary wire.

The boundary wire goes around the perimeter of your yard and keeps the mower from roaming off your property. Apart from this, you can also use the perimeter wire to keep the Husqvarna Automower off protected places like the flower bed.

Burying the perimeter wire isn’t mandatory. You can lay it on your lawn using the supplied staples and it will naturally sink under the lawn surface as time goes by.

Take heed, however, not to lay two wire loops too close to each other since their signal might cancel out hence making the mower seem to ignore your perimeter.

A guideline can be used to help the mower navigate through narrow spaces accurately or lead it back to the charging station. The mower has to go back to its dock to recharge or ‘rest’ after mowing the lawn. To do this, it can use:

How to Connect Your Smartphone to the Automower

Connecting the Automower Connect app gives you more freedom as you can not only set the mowing lengths but also set a virtual GPS perimeter. This is an excellent alternative to homeowners with GPS enable models of the Automower who for some reason don’t want to use the physical perimeter wire.

Pairing the Automower to the app is easy. You will first have to create an account and agree to the operation terms and conditions. Once you have an account, you can add and name an automower.

Adding the Automower to your mobile phone app is almost similar to pairing with a new Bluetooth device. Navigate to the ‘Add a Mower’ menu on the app and pause when you are asked for a pairing code.

On the mower, go to Menu > Accessories >Automower Connect and enter the pin code. This will generate the pairing code that you have to enter into your mobile phone app to finish the pairing.

Do I Have to Sweep the Lawn After Mowing?

No. You don’t have to. The Husqvarna Automower cuts only a fraction of the grass at a go. One pass will clip less than an inch of the grass. It is the repeated mowing that finally brings the grass down to the desired length.

This means that your grass clippings will be small enough to drop onto the lawn and decompose faster and can be left on the lawn. This is unlike traditional mowers that cut huge portions of grass that frequently overwhelm the lawn.

The Automower approach is great since it keeps the lawn healthy and gives the grass a chance to get nourishment from the natural mulching.

If you are confident that the Husqvarna lawn mowers are the right thing for you, you can compare their features using the robotic mower feature comparison table below. If you still want more information, you can head over to the Husqvarna robotic mower FAQ page to get all the answers.