Worx Landroid Robotic Mower Review

by Charles | Last Updated: April 12, 2017

Worx lawn mowers are a great solution to people looking for something practical but don’t want to pay for the brand name. Even though buying established brands like Husqvarna and John Deere comes with its own perks, a quick glimpse at Worx’ leading robotic lawn mower, The Worx Landroid will have you thinking twice.

Reliable Intelligence At an Affordable Cost

The biggest selling feature is its artificial intelligence that lets it learn your lawn as time goes by. Instead of changing your mowing behavior and perhaps trimming tricky sections of the lawn with a weed whacker, Worx Landroid will adapt and use its superior mowing algorithm to take care of almost everything on its own. All you have to do is lay down the guide and perimeter wire.

Even though all the lawn mowers here share the Worx Landroid name, you will have the freedom to choose whichever model you want depending on your lawn size and whether you want to control your autonomous mower over Wi-Fi or not.

Each Worx lawn mower robot model gives you extra features or power over its predecessor, giving you an almost seamless way to adapt the mower to your connectivity, programming and lawn size needs.

Worx Robot Lawn Mower Standard Features

If you are on a tight budget but interested in something that gets the job done fast, Worx Landroid would be a great place to start. I personally like the modular approach to creating their lawn mowers. This means that I’ll never have to pay extra bucks for some technology or autonomous mowing power that I don’t need. I won’t have to pay for Wi-Fi if I am content with updating my schedule on the robot mower’s control panel or pay for the 35 percent incline model while my lawn is almost flat.

A Programmable Weekly Mowing Schedule

Most of the robotic lawn mowers on the market allow you to program in a schedule that tells the mower when and where to mow. The Worx Landroid isn’t nay different when it comes to delegating duties.

Automatic Return to Base for Charging

You won’t have to carry the mower back to the base for recharging. It will either use the perimeter wire or a guide wire back to the recharging station to refuel.

A Rain Sensor

We all know that mowing your lawn when it is raining isn’t the best of the practices. While an autonomous lawn mower might be waterproof and light enough not to harm the lawn as it rolls by, mowing a wet lawn rarely has a good impact on your lawn’s health. It’s wiser and neater to let the water seep into the soil before bringing out the mower. The rain sensor tells the mower to stop working when the rain sets in and will restart once the grass dries up.

Shock Sensors to Detect Obstacles

Even though the guide and perimeter wire will always keep the mower in check when navigating those tight spots, you don’t really have to install wires around obstacles thanks to the Landroid’s shock sensors. They will kick in whenever the little robot bumps into an obstacle, making it reverse and mow in a different direction.

Frequent and Practical Firmware Upgrades

Well. Electronics are always bound to obsolesce. That is so especially if you don’t get frequent software updates and patches. With the Landroid, you can download and install all the firmware and software updates on your own. This will not only make your robotic lawn mower more efficient but also improve safety and usability by ensuring that you are running it on the latest Landroid technology.

It Is the Perfect Plug and Play

Apart from just laying down the perimeter wire, you won’t really have to worry about other configurations. The Worx Landroid lawn mowers come ready for the job. You can recharge it and have it begin working immediately. Fiddling with the configuration and scheduling later on won’t be a problem thanks to the intuitive control panel. Everything with this robotic lawn mower is designed to make life easy.

Easy Mow Depth Configuration

This is my favorite. You don’t need any tool to adjust the cutting depth. All you need is the height adjustment knob. It’s a simple rotating business and you will be done in more time.

Other tantalizing features that come standard to all Worx Landroid lawn mowers include

Available Worx Landroid Robotic Mower Models