6 Ways to Improve Your Robotic Electric Lawn Mower Battery Life

by Charles | Last Updated: April 1, 2017

Electric lawn mowers have become the norm when it comes to lawn care. These robots autonomously take care of your lawn without any supervision. However, one factor that is limiting to these robots is the robotic mower battery life.

On average, the best lawn mower has an estimated battery life of two to three years. With proper maintenance, they can have a lifespan of between two to four years depending on their frequency of use and recharge. This is not enough!

robotic mower battery life
The Gardena 4060 R80Li packs a powerful and easy-care lithium-ion 18 V /1.6 Ah battery ensures reliable and energy-saving operation

Robotic Mower Battery Life Snapshot

Owing to the high demand to have your compound look neat and the high electric consumption, you will need at least a robotic electric lawn mower with a stronger battery life. With nothing much to be done, the best option is to improve your mower’s battery life by taking well care of it. The following are some of the suggestion help you improve your robotic mower battery life.

It All starts with a quality purchase

Choosing an electric mower’s battery is not a simple task, however, this still can be achieved.  As with any purchases, the price tag is almost always directly proportional to quality. Therefore, if you want to take care of your robotic mower’s battery life you have to start with making the right purchase. High-end mowers will offer better service but you can still get a decent robotic mower even on a tight budget.

Keep your mower clean

Clean your robotic mower frequently. The fact that it is autonomous doesn’t mean you should completely ignore it and postpone proper mower maintenance. Grass and other debris have a tendency of clogging the blades. Once the mower’s blades get clogged, they tend to strain to mow your grass hence consuming more of the battery juice than the required amount. If not checked well enough this might end up weakening your battery’s lifespan.

Use your battery frequently

As contradictory as this may sound, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to improve your electric mowers battery life, then you need to use it frequently. Take note, robotic electric lawn mowers driven by rechargeable batteries that last longer when in regular use as opposed to being stored.

Store your battery separately in a cool and dry place

Proper storage is always essential to the longevity of the battery. If you are not planning to use you battery robotic lawn mower for a long time, ensure you fully charge it then detach it from your mower. Store your battery in a cool and dry room far away from ventilation, direct sunlight and other heat sources.

Charge Your Battery Correctly

Charging your battery correctly is a key secret to seeing your battery serve you better. When charging your battery observe that the charging port is fully plugged in. Pay attention to the process and ensure you do not overcharge or undercharge your battery since both of the two have an effect on the battery’s lifespan.

Choose the best battery capacity

Note, a battery’s capacity determines approximately how long your battery lasts at a specific voltage given a constant discharge rate. If you to get the best battery and one that is in good working conditions, choose a battery capacity that matches your lawn mower.

Essentially a good battery plays an integral role in the working of robotic electric lawn mowers. Before engineers and technocrats get the breakthrough that will give more life to their robotic creations, consider the above tips to help you improve your robotic mower battery life.