The Perfect Robotic Mower to Buy When Money Isn’t a Problem

by Charles | Last Updated: March 31, 2017

A good automated robotic mower will give you absolute peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about capabilities or make do with the slightly inferior features you would find on budget lawn mowers. Premium robot lawn mowers are the perfect long-term investment and are a great thing to own especially if you are looking for a long lasting solution.


Most people I have come across aren’t so enthusiastic about robotic mowers since they are not sure if the little robot is really safe. The idea of a blade-wielding monster running up and down your lawn with kids darting around is hard to stomach.


While you never should running your robotic mower with kids or pets on the lawn, high-end automated mowers offer a variety of safety features that make them way more safer than middle or low-end mowers.


Want to see your options? Here are the top premium automated mowers you should consider getting. If you are yet to be convinced, you will find more benefits of these top quality mowers just after the comparison table.


Top 6 High Quality Robotic Mowers to Consider

Worx Landroid

Price: $$
worx landroid

Fully programmed out of the box for easy set-up and use

AIA technology to make intricate cuts and navigate narrow passages

Evenly mows inclines and declines up to 20-degrees

Shock sensor system to allow mowing around obstacles

Automatically returns to base in case of rain or to recharge

Great beginner for a buyer on a budget

Robomow RC306

Price: $$$
robomow rc306

Return to base station for auto charging

Remomaneuveringeuvring mower into tricky positions

Rain sensor to detect rain or high humidity

Mow slopes of up to 36%

Multiple zone mowing capability

Child lock to prevent children from operating

Mow areas up to 8000 sq ft or lots up to 1/8 acre

Automower 430x

Price: $$$$
automower 430x

Trusted Husqvarna technology

GPS assisted navigation

Cut up to 2.4″ grass

Lift and tilt sensor to avoid accidents

Mow up to 135 minutes on single charge

Intelligent weather sensor

Automatically return to dock for charging or to avoid rain

Robomow RS622

Price: $$$$
robomow rs622

Lawn areas up to 23,000 sq ft or lots up to 1/2 acre

Specialized mowing blade with cutting height up to 3.14 inches

Work on pine cones, small twigs, thick lawns

Comes with everything you need to install on your yard

Base Station for automatic charging

Multiple Zones and Child Lock

Gardena R80Li

Price: $$$$

Cutting Height of .7″ to 2″ (2 to 5 cm) setting with a rotary knob.

Schedule mowing times

Works during rain, Anti theft protection, low noise, emission free

Robotic lawnmower perfect for all garden types. 

Easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain.

Easy to Place Boundary wire shows mower where to mow

Automower 315

Price: $$$$
husqvarna automower 315

Reliable Husqvarna technology

Must be bought with Install Kit or it will not run.

Handles rough terrain and steep slopes,

Good for large and complex areas and heavy rain 

Quite enough for night work

Cutting capacity of 1/4 acre

Automatically adapt mowing frequency to lawn growth rate

Why You Need a High End Robotic Mower


You might be wondering why you would have to spend over $5000 on a robotic mower while you can get something that will get the job done at a fifth of the price. The answer to your dilemma lies in understanding what a high end robot mower will bring into your life.


Better Mow Area Coverage


The biggest problem automatic mower owners have is covering big lawns. Mowers that can handle anything bigger than a quarter an acre will mostly be premium robotic mowers since it has to be bigger, faster and more efficient. Moreover, bigger lawns might need multi-zone configuration and you can only find this if you invest on a premium lawn mower.


Advanced Scheduling and Management


A mower that learns your lawn and schedules the perfect mow times for itself is quite the interesting tool. A super silent smart mower that can work at night without disrupting your sleep is even better. High end lawn mowers give you advanced scheduling and management hence letting you direct the mower to take care of your lawn when it is of your best convenience.


Amplified Security Features


Mower safety and security is the second biggest concerns most people I talk to have when it comes to buying robotic lawn mowers. Is the thing safe for my kids? Will it kill my chi Wawa? Or will it go rogue, run all over blades spinning and there’s nothing I can do to stop it?


Well, most robotic lawn mowers will have a kill switch or a safety feature you can use to stop it on its tracks. High-end mowers pay more attention to safety, giving you more remote control and intelligent algorithms to dictate and deal with dangerous situations even in your absence.


More Resilience and Adaptability to Tough Lawns


Naturally, most robotic mowers will be at home on clean level lawns thanks to their small blades and rather low slope tolerance. This wouldn’t be good enough if your lawn if you have trees that shed leaves and twigs too often that you can sweep them clean. A good high-end mower will mow over such obstacles and it can even be good enough to clamber over paved pathways before resuming the job on another zone of the lawn.


Reliability and longevity


Everyone wants a robotic mower that will serve them for long. This is especially important when you are investing over $5000 on a single mower. Reliability means that the mower will keep doing the job right for long enough without forcing you to go for repeated repairs and servicing too soon.